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18.04 = circular login problem on system freeze

Hey there,

Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Jul 2018 23:02:14 -0400, Little Girl wrote:
>>Liam Proven wrote:
>>>Maté is fine but can't do vertical taskbars.    

>>Actually, it's pretty quick and painless to get those on the MATE

>I guess Liam dislikes how some items of some panels do behave, if the
>panel is used vertically. To mate-panel on the left add "Menu Bar - A
>custom menu bar".

I misread what Liam had written and read "vertical taskbars" to mean
"vertical panels" when I responded. MATE can do panels, but falls
over on some of the things that can be put into the panels.

>He also might miss vertically features of the panel. Instead of
>positioning mate-panel completely to the left or right side, move it
>somewhere between left side and middle or between right side and
>middle, while used vertically.

Interesting. I'm not able to do that. Mine aren't draggable and don't
offer the ability to define an offset.

>The above examples show two issues I found out by just running
>mate-panel for a few seconds.
>However, it's possible to use Mate and to add any other panel.

I hadn't considered combining different panel types. That might be a
good thing for Liam to play around with so he can use the desktop he
prefers with the panels from the desktop that does them best.

>Actually, on openbox I run two horizontal panels at the same time on
>top, lxpanel and fbpanel, the combination of those two panels allows
>things that are impossible when using mate-panel or xfce4-panel,
>furthermore I add items to the panels to run scripts, to select
>between an LCD display, VGA monitor or dual mode, all with different
>settings such as different resolutions and among other things, those
>scripts handle the panels, so that the panels fit to the different
>settings. If I would run Mate or Xfce4, I could use the same
>combination of lxpanel and fbpanel. Nobody is forced to use Mate
>with the mate-panel or Xfce4 with the xfce4-panel.

I was able to run multiple panels stacked next to each other on MATE
and put that into one of my screenshots.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.