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I'm wrong or Will we fix the ducks limp?

Marko Rauhamaa writes:
> Paul Rudin wrote:

>> Talk of pointers is potentially confusing, because it carries baggage
>> from other languages which doesn't necessary map precisely onto the
>> python execution model.
> Unfortunately, virtually every word is overloaded and full of
> preconceived notions. Hence: "pegs", "leashes", "puppies".
> The main thing is to keep those three concepts apart from each other.
> Two notions will not suffice.

Does a new leash appear when a puppy is tied to a peg? Apparently.

Is it possible to tie two puppies to the same peg? Apparently not. Why

Is the leash left dangling in the neck of a puppy if another puppy is
tied to its peg? What if the puppy is tied again to the same peg, is
there then the new leash from its neck to the peg, and the old leash
left dangling?

Is it possible to leave the leash tied to the peg but untie the puppy?
Apparently not.

It's also not possible to look at the puppy and follow all the leashes
to find all the pegs where the puppy is tied.

The real third thing is not a thing but a relationship: being tied to.