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Recommendation for GUI lib?

On 05.06.2016 01:08, John Pote wrote:
> Qt and Qt Creator often come up in searches for Python GUI libraries. 
> I need to decide weather to upgrade to wxPython.Phoenix and Python 3.5 
> (as soon as I upgrade to win 7!) or switch to Qt which I don't know at 
> all. It would be interesting to hear your experiences of trying Qt and 
> why you've stuck with wxPython in the end.
Python 2.7 and wx are working well under Win 7.
But there are other problems like e.g. some bugs that I faced with the 
Win 32 extensions. For many libraries you can no longer expect first 
class support with 2.7.

I have been using wxPython on the desktop since around 2000.
Porting my main desktop application with several MB GUI related code to 
another toolkit is certainly not an option.
The lack of a Python 3 compatible wxPython did hold me back from moving 
to Python 3 for some years, but when I tried last year, I was positively 
surprised as it took only one evening to port my application. OK, then 
it took me some evenings to implement e.g. Metafile support for Phoenix. 
Nowadays almost all features from the classic wxPython should be 
available in Phoenix as well.
Even though Phoenix is not yet released, I did not face any 
instabilities (except maybe that the virtual grid is a bit more picky 
than it used to be when it comes to dynamic grid cell attributes).

I'm using Qt sometimes for small apps on my mobiles (Sailfish OS and, 
before that, Maemo).
I don't see a reason to change from wx to Qt on the desktop. I'm not 
convinced about whether Qt Widgets have too much of a future at all. The 
'traditional' development has moved out of the focus of the Qt team a 
long time ago (when Trolltech was aquired by Nokia). The suggestion is 
to use QML now, but there's no pythonic way to develop QML / Qt Quick 
based GUIs as there's no C++ API which could be used as base for this.

OK, Qt has one advantage: using Quamash you can integrate the asyncio 
and the qt main loops. Without Python 3 support there has not yet been a 
need to have this for wx...

Qt Designer is certainly a good GUI builder, but not more than that. 
When you actually want to use the designed GUI in Python, you will find 
that this needs almost as much know how and work as if you did the GUI 
in code.