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Don't put your software in the public domain

On 6/4/2016 4:24 AM, Marko Rauhamaa wrote:
> Paul Rudin <paul.nospam at>:
>> Don't confuse consideration with agreement - they're seperate legal
>> concepts.
>> Agreement is certainly necessary in pretty much all jurisdictions.
>> Consideration is required in most common law jurisdiction (England,
>> the US, most of the commonwealth) but not in many continental legal
>> systems.
> Thankfully, I live in a jurisdiction where things are simpler. I've
> actually successfully represented a relative in a court of law without
> any legal training.
> In Finland, it is common for families to have a printed copy of the law
> on the bookshelf.

How wonderful that 'the law' can fit in a book.  English-speaking common 
law commentaries once had Blackstone's 4 volume Commentaries 
but bookshelve of statute laws seem to have overwhelmed that, at least 
in the US.

 > Families traditionally sort out things like
> inheritances without the involvement of lawyers. Nowadays, the law is
> available online, of course.

For free, I presume.  I just discovered that the Delaware Code is now 

Terry Jan Reedy