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numpy covariance (was Re: Truncation error)

On 10/11/2020 8:17 AM, Meghna Karkera wrote:
> May I request you to let me know the steps python follows in order to
> compute covariance matrix using the inbuilt
>   syntax.
 > np.cov(cov_mat)

1. When starting a new topic, start a new thread with a new topic.

2. Questions about the internals of a 3rd party module are better asked 
on the discussion forum for that module.  Such exist for numpy.

3. Your question is too vague to reliably answer.  I am not sure what 
you mean by 'inbuilt syntax'.

I presume that numpy cov calls 1 or more functions from the included 
LinPack code.  If this is not enough of an answer, read the numpy doc 
and code and if you still have questions, ask a more detailed question 
on a numpy forum.

Terry Jan Reedy