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Crashing and opening problems

On 10/9/20 4:23 AM, Jamie wrote:
>    I?ve downloaded python and when I try to launch a application to use with
>    python it opens then closes fast but when I double click it it opens the
>    installer and not python, so I have to use ?Open with?

The window opened on behalf of the program is no longer needed once the
program is done, so it closes once Python has exited.  That's the normal
behavior.  You can launch programs from a command shell (cmd or
powershell) and you'll see them running to completion without the shell
window closing.

"When I double click it" - double click what?  If the download saved the
installer to your desktop and that's what you're double-clicking, then
indeed, you're going to get the installer again.  You don't need the
installer any more, so you can get rid of it if it will reduce confusion.
Try launching it by finding it in the start menu - that should give you
the chance to launch a Python interactive shell, or IDLE, the included
IDE program.  Or start typing Python into the search/Cortana box, that
should give you another way to launch the actual interpreter.