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Very Simple (Rather Dumb) Question

Hello, I have a quick, and most likely rather dumb begginer question on Python.
It may be simple, but I'm completely new to Python, and to programming in
general, so I'll go right to the point.
My question is: I just downloaded the latest version of python, and started
following a tutorial I found online on "first steps with Python Programming."
The thing is, in the very first part, where I just had to write "print("Hello
World")" into IDLE and then save the file to my desktop and execute it, I ran
into a problem. When I saved the file with, the file that popped
up into my desktop was a uTorrent file for some reason (I have uTorrent
installed), even though I saved it with the right format for a Python file (I've
added photos below). I searched online for explanations but found nothing (maybe
because, again, its a very stupid question). Anyway, I was wondering if someone
could help me in fixing this. (and yes, I've already tried unistalling and
reinstalling python, and uTorrent, to no avail)
thx for the attention[]