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Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam (was: EuroPython 2020: Data Science Track)

On 22Jul2020 15:00, Christian Heimes <christian at> wrote:
>Hi MAL,
>would it be possible to reduce the amount of EuroPython spam on
> mailing lists to a sensible level? This mailing list is a
>general discussion list for the Python programming language. It's not a
>conference advertisement list.
>Something between 1 to 3 mails per conference and year (!) sounds
>sensible to me. [...]

I, OTOH, am unperturbed.

Things have been much in flux this year, and a last minute short notice 
thing like this post needs wide dissemination. Normally a conference 
needs few posts, but this year everything is different and plans have 
changed a lot, on the fly.

I have never attended EuroPython and probably never will (I'm on the 
other side of the planet) but I'm still interested. Rather than 
subscribe to every conference thing, getting them here is very 

As with all posters and topics, a truly annoying one can always be 
blocked at your personal discretion with a filter rule, eg to discard 
"europython". I know that advice verges on the spammers' claim that "you 
can always opt out" but for me this stuff isn't spam.

Cameron Simpson <cs at> (formerly cs at