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Questioning the effects of multiple assignment

On 8/07/20 11:11 PM, o1bigtenor wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 2:30 AM Mike Dewhirst <miked at 
> <mailto:miked at>> wrote:
>     -------- Original message --------From: dn via Python-list
>     <python-list at <mailto:python-list at>> Date:
>     7/7/20? 16:04? (GMT+10:00) To: 'Python' <python-list at
>     <mailto:python-list at>> Subject: Questioning the effects of
>     multiple assignment TLDR; if you are a Python 'Master' then feel
>     free to skim the first part (which you should know hands-down),

> Dunno about the rest of the list but I'm finding this message incredibly 
> hard to read.
> Please sir - - - - would you please break up your message into at least 
> sentences?

That is a terrible mess indeed!

This may be a local problem. The original (as reflected by the 
list-server), and each reply since, has been properly-formatted - at 
least when viewed in Thunderbird email-client.

All due apologies. If you (any colleague) are interested in the 
(apparent) conundrum, I will be happy to format a text file copy and 
attach it to a personal message...
Regards =dn