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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 10:41 AM Random832 <random832 at> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 3, 2020, at 08:48, Rhodri James wrote:
> > As I said in my preamble, it doesn't matter whether you believe that is
> > true or think it's utter bollocks.  I asked the question to get the
> > Steering Council's opinion, not anyone else's.  If you collectively
> > really must rehash the arguments again, please have the decency to do so
> > in a different thread.
> The idea that the statement was in any way related to one of the authors
> being named "White" was an *obvious factual mistake* in your post.
> Regardless of anything else, that is *not a matter of opinion*, so saying
> whose opinion you wanted is irrelevant.

Copied from the commit:

Instead of requiring that comments be written in Strunk & White Standard
English, require instead that English-language comments be clear and easily
understandable by other English speakers. This accomplishes the same goal
without upholding relics of white supremacy. Many native English speakers
do not use Standard English as their native dialect, so requiring
conformation to Standard English centers whiteness in an inappropriate and
unnecessary way, and can alienate and put up barriers for people of color
and those whose native dialect of English is not Standard English. This
change is a simple way to correct that while maintaining the original
intent of the requirement.

I would point out that even suggesting that the issue be a *obvious factual
mistake* only serves to prove that you didn't read the thing and I, at
least, wonder why you're offering an opinion on any part of the discussion.

IMO the language in the commit is inflammatory and should either be revised
or it and the commit removed for its clear intellectual disfunction.