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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

Random832 wrote at 2020-7-2 18:46 -0400:
> ... the *whole idea* of "standard English" is tied to white supremacy, not any particular standard whether via its authors or otherwise.

PEP 8 was initially designed as a style specification for
Python's runtime library. I hope we can agree that
all documentation in Python's runtime library should use
(some) standard English - understandable by any typical English speaker
- and not some English dialect spoken and understood only in some
parts of the world.

PEP 8 has been adopted meanwhile by many external projects.
Those projects might choose a different language and
maybe even an English dialect. However, if the project
want to be international, "standard English" (in contrast
to an English dialect) has its advantages.