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New to python - Just a question


> Please can someone help
> Write an algorithm (choose the language you prefer) that given a 
> character string,?for instance {?c?,?a?,?i?,?o?,?p?,?a?}, will print 
> out the list of characters appearing at least 2 times.?In this 
> specific example, it would return {?a?}. Afterwards, comment out the 
> cost in terms of space and time.
> Write a bash/python script that takes a directory as an argument and 
> output the total lines of code in *.cpp files recursively.

These are both pretty classical problems. But the way you've presented 
them sounds a bit like a "do my homework for me" style question.

Do you know any python? I recommend that you consider following a book 
or tutorial to get through some of the basics. I like to recommend Think 
Python (available for free from the author).

If you have particular questions that come up while you're trying to 
write a solution, I think more people would be more inclined to help.

Good luck! - DLD

David Lowry-Duda <david at> <>