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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

On 02/07/2020 23:46, Random832 wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 2, 2020, at 18:29, Michael Torrie wrote:
>> Come again?  I can see no other link in the verbage with the
>> "relics of white supremacy" that she referred to.  If there are
>> other links, they should be included in the commit message.  I
>> agree with Rhodri that an explanation would be interesting.  Far be
>> it from me to demand one.  So whatever.
> It's possible that this wasn't explained clearly enough in the commit
> message itself (though I would argue it was definitely adequately
> explained in the ensuing on-list discussion, and wonder how much of
> that discussion you've actually read), but the point is that the
> *whole idea* of "standard English" is tied to white supremacy, not
> any particular standard whether via its authors or otherwise.

As I said in my preamble, it doesn't matter whether you believe that is 
true or think it's utter bollocks.  I asked the question to get the 
Steering Council's opinion, not anyone else's.  If you collectively 
really must rehash the arguments again, please have the decency to do so 
in a different thread.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd