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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

> Since explicit is better than implicit :-), I would like to formally ask the Steering Council to answer the following 
> questions.
> 1. Does the Steering Council think political statements have any place in the Python repositories?
> 2. If so, for the avoidance of doubt does the Steering Council support the statements in commit 0c6427d? 
> (
> 3. If not, what do they intend to do about the above commit?
> If the answer to question 1 is a qualified yes or no, both follow-up questions apply.
> If the answer to question 1 is a prevarication, non-answer or silence, people will still draw their own conclusions.? I 
> mention this merely to reinforce the idea that these things are still answers as well as hostages to fortune.
the above gets +10 from me

according to the telegraph

> John Cleese has accused the BBC of ?social engineering? after its head of comedy said Monty Python?s white Oxbridge males were out of step with modern television.

so is there a pep for alternate language names ;)
Robin Becker