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FlaskCon: Today Friday 3rd July, Tomorrow and Sunday!

Greetings List,

FlaskCon is this week!

Speakers include many interesting people such as:

- Dustin Ingram
- Adrian M?nnich (ThiefMaster)

and a host of beautiful topics and diverse mix such as:

- How Google cloud uses Flask
- Demystifying Flask's Application and Request Contexts with pytest
- How the FEC uses Flask to increase transparency in US elections
- Running Flask on Kubernetes

3 , 4 and 5th July!

Today's schedule includes interviews at 15:00 GMT with the authors of
- DTale
- Creatorlist
This is the perfect session for beginners to attend so that FlaskCon is
attending even for non-Flask people

As panelists you have organisers and reviewers like
- David Lord
- Miguel Grinberg
- Grey Li
and others

How to attend? See here:

Kind Regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
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