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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

On 7/2/20 4:46 PM, Random832 wrote:
> It's possible that this wasn't explained clearly enough in the commit
> message itself (though I would argue it was definitely adequately
> explained in the ensuing on-list discussion, and wonder how much of
> that discussion you've actually read), but the point is that the
> *whole idea* of "standard English" is tied to white supremacy, not
> any particular standard whether via its authors or otherwise.

Good to know.  Nothing at all was explained in the commit message
justifying that particular sentence, leaving one unfamiliar with the
background to wonder what she was referring to.

I definitely agree the words "standard English" are pretty meaningless
to would-be python developers anyway and the new phrase in the PEP 8 is
much better.