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Formal Question to Steering Council (re recent PEP8 changes)

On 7/2/20 11:11 AM, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> In the replaced sentence
> `When writing English, follow Strunk and White`
> I interpret "Strunk and White" as a reference to some
> document containing rules for readable English and "Strunk and White"
> are likely the authors of this document. I do not associate "White"
> with "white" in contrast to "black" (or some other colour).
> However, I do not know this document nor "Strunk and White". Thus,
> the PEP text should get improved. If it is refers to a standard,
> it should be be an online standard and the PEP should include its URL.
> Otherwise, non-english people are indeed at a disadvantage.

Yes Strunk and White is a well-known book on writing style.  That's the
names of the authors. William Strunk and EB White.

> In contrast, The replacement is well understandable and applicable
> to all languages.

Agreed. She just needs to fix her commit message to remove the sentence
about the relics of white supremacy.  The fact she would conflate an
author's name with some kind of race-related thing is a bit
embarrassing, frankly.

> Thus, in my view, the change is really an improvement.
> One could motivate it differently, however.