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Preliminary Design for Teaching Latin and Artificial Intelligence

1. Stage One: Linguistics and Neuroscience

Teach the students the idea of a sentence and also the idea of a neuronal structure that generates a sentence.

2. Stage Two: Introduce a Particular Programming Language

Use PYTHON as a major AI language, or possibly use tutorial JavaScript as a teaching language, since the Mens Latina AI already exists in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Possibly poll the students to see if significant numbers of students already know a particular coding language or are learning such a language. If the host institution uses a particular programming language like Python to introduce computer programming to students in general, then perhaps use the same coding language for teaching Latin AI.

3. Stage Three: Teach Vocabulary as an Array of Concepts

4. Stage Four: Teach Pronunciation as an Array of Phonemic Words

5. Stage Five: Teach Noun-Declension and the Noun-Phrase Mind-Module

6. Stage Six: Teach Verb-Conjugation and the Verb-Phrase Mind-Module

7. Stage Seven: Teach Moods Indicative, Imperative, Interrogative, Subjunctive

8. Stage Eight: Teach Volition Mind-Module as Invoker of Imperative Mood

Divide free will or volition into its thinking component and its emotional component.

9. Stage Nine: Teach Thinking as Divisible into Statements and Inferences

10. Stage Ten: Teach Conjunctions as Vocabulary for ConJoin Module

11. Stage Eleven: Teach Prepositions as Vocabulary for LaPrep Module

12. Stage Twelve: Publish a Joint Latin and AI Textbook

Embed the AI material in such a way that a teacher wishing to teach only the Latin may skip the AI material about neuroscience and programming and natural language processing (NLP). -- Latin AI Thinking Module.

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