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I need to study Python

While there are a number of answers here which have a point, I'd first ask
why do you want/need to study Python? Because, if you need it for something
specific, you  might want to focus on learning exactly what you need.

In lack of an answer to that question, I'd recommend this:

- as a newbie you need the basics first. There is a free interactive course

they'll give you the basic programming experience, without you having to
set up any kind of programming  environment, which is the first task with
potential to scare away a beginner (depending on how ambitiously the
environment is built up)

- After that I'd give a plus one for the project based approach mentioned
by J.Pic. If you however want to get a hands-on overview of what you can do
with Python, go with a course that encompases a number of projects, if
possible non-trivial ones. On Udemy you can find a number of such, I like
this one:

(make sure to purchase it  for around 10$, when they are giving a discount,
which is almost every week)

- Finally, if you want to add some academic rigor and good programming
practices, here's a free course by MIT:

>From there on, things to learn are infinite, I'm afraid, but you'd
definitely not be a noob any more. Or, at least, the best educated noob on
the planet!

Am Fr., 26. Juni 2020 um 01:49 Uhr schrieb <sinanpv22 at>:

> Hey, I'm a completely noob.
> I want to learn python, how can i or where can i study python?
> --