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Pycharm Won't Do Long Underscore

Am 23.06.20 um 22:49 schrieb Tony Kaloki:
> Alexander,
>                     Thank you so much! It worked! Thank you. One question: in your reply, are you saying that Python would have treated the two separate underscores the same way as a long  underscore i.e. it's a stylistic choice rather than a functional necessity?

Python only ever sees two separate underscores. There is no long 
underscore, its only the way it is printed to your screen that differs. 
The difference is the same as if you would choose Arial, Times, or 
Courier to print your source code. The characters look slightly 
different to your eye, but they are exactly the same for Python. The .py 
file doesn't have a difference, regardless how you set the font.

As others have said, the underscore of some fonts is so long that they 
overlap, if you put more than on in a row.