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FW: Pycharm Won't Do Long Underscore

On 6/23/2020 4:44 PM, MRAB wrote:
> On 2020-06-23 20:18, Tony Kaloki wrote:

>> ????? When I try to do a long underscore __? for classes in Pycharm, 
>> it only gives me two separate single underscores _ _.

> The "__" is 2 underscores; it's just that they usually appear joined 
> together in many fonts.

To really see this, start IDLE either from an icon or 'python -m 
idlelib' (use 'python3' on *nix) on a command line.  Open the settings 
dialog with Options => Configure IDLE.  On the Font tab there is a Font 
Sample box.  Go to the bottom and enter several _____s.  In the Windows 
Courier font, and several others, this looks like one line.  On the 
left, try other fonts.  On Windows, switching to Source Code Pro (and 
some others) results in separate underscores.  Source Code Pro, as the 
name suggests, is aimed at programmers, and we need to be able to count 

Or maybe you can switch fonts in your mail reader and see what happens 
to the underscores above.

Terry Jan Reedy