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FW: Pycharm Won't Do Long Underscore

On 2020-06-23 20:18, Tony Kaloki wrote:
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> Subject: Pycharm Won't Do Long Underscore
> Hi Guys,
>                 I?ve just begun to learn basic computer programming by downloading Python and Pycharm and following Youtube tutorials. But I?ve come across a problem that?s stopped me in my tracks.
>       When I try to do a long underscore __  for classes in Pycharm, it only gives me two separate single underscores _ _. This is only in Pycharm, no problems anywhere else. Could you tell me how to fix this, because I can?t find any answers on the web and I?m not sure if I can go any further in my learning without being able to get long underscores.
>      Sorry if I?m just being really dense, but like I said I?m an absolute beginner. Thanks for your time,
The "__" is 2 underscores; it's just that they usually appear joined 
together in many fonts.

If you try:

      print('_' * 2)

do they appear joined together or separate? If they appear separate, 
then you can see that that's just how they're displayed in that funt.