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how to let argument be optional falling back to certain integer

Chris Angelico <rosuav at> writes:


>> Anyway, I kind of replied just to thank you all for the great group this
>> is.  ChrisA, I don't know how can keep up with this newsgroup, but you
>> do.  This is crazy.  Years go by and when I come back, there you are
>> still.  You're priceless.
> You're most welcome! I hang out here a lot because the people here are
> awesome. I've learned a lot, helped a lot of people, the language has
> shifted, it's been great.
> I like to think of myself as an empowerer - I help YOU to be able to
> do amazing things. It's you who are the awesome creative person who's
> making code do magic, and I'm just removing barriers from your way :)

I appreciate that a lot!  But of course if that's your view of things,
then you are the great one here.  No doubt about it.  Have a great day!