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problem at the time of using editor

On 18/06/20 10:20 PM, Sourav Kundu wrote:
> when I am using the editor to write a long program and trying to run it the
> python command line showing it syntax error

Of possible interest:-
Why SuperHELP for Python? | pssst
Search domain
SuperHELP reads a snippet of Python and provides advice, warnings, and 
basic information based on what it finds. For example, it might notice a 
function docstring is missing and show a template for adding one. Or 
identify the use of a named tuple and explain how to add docstrings to 
individual fields or the named tuple as a whole.

As mentioned, at this stage in your learning process, you may find it 
helpful to use a basic Python editor which has a built-in terminal console.
Regards =dn