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Problems with python383.dll

On 6/16/20 11:18 AM, Manuel Fernandez - Universit? wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I tried to install the software Python 3.8.3 (32 bit), but after it 
> finished and I tried to start it, there appeared a message in which it 
> was written that it couldn't find the file python383.dll and stopped.
> What can I do? Do you have this file so that I can insert it manually.
> I thank you for your help.
> Best wishes,
> Manuel Fernandez

Which version of Windows?  32-bit or 64-bit? Where did you download the
installer from?  How did you try to start it? Normally python is a
command-line tool, so you run it from a command prompt, not from the
start menu.  Read through this page and see if it helps at all: