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Application Distribution using Embeddable Zip on Windows

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM Palash Bauri <palashbauri1 at> wrote:
> I am developing a parser with PLY and was hoping to distribute it to users.
> Ofcourse there're plenty of Ways to build a executable of an Python script
> such as PyInstaller , Py2Exe and some others, but they have their problems
> , one of them which is their output distribution size is huge, a simple
> "hello world" program would even cost user 30 to 50+ megabytes of storage.
> Distributing on Linux is not that much of hassle with snap packages or even
> Appimages. But on windows it's a mess.
> But Python Embeddable Zip seems promising to me, it's very lightweight.
> But the thing is I couldn't figure out how to build a "launcher" (As
> mentioned here -> for my
> application?
> Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Try creating a .pyz file using the zipapp module:

It should 'just work', out of the box.