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Friday Finking: Beyond implementing Unicode

On 13/06/20 4:47 AM, Terry Reedy wrote:
> On 6/12/2020 2:03 AM, DL Neil via Python-list wrote:
>> Unicode has given us access to a wealth of mathematical and other 
>> symbols. Hardware and soft-/firm-ware flexibility enable us to move 
>> beyond and develop new 'standards'. Do we have opportunities to make 
>> computer programming more math-familiar and/or more 
>> logically-expressive, and thus easier to learn and practice? Could we 
>> develop Python to take advantage of these opportunities?
> ...
>> Could we then also 'update' Python, to accept the wider range of 
>> symbols instead/in-addition to those currently in-use?
>> Would such even constitute 'a good idea'?
> There was a recent thread on python-ideas discussing this.? It started 
> with arrow characters.? There have been others.

Am pleased to hear that it's neither 'new' nor 'way out there'...

Am not subscribed to that list. Went looking for its archives, but 
failed - there's no "ideas" on 
( Please send a pointer...
Regards =dn