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Python Curses Programming HowTo -reviewers?

While studying the curses module I was struck  by the paucity of
tutorial documentation for the Python version. Fortunately I
know C and used to write curses applications back in the 80s/90s
so I turned to the C tutorials. However, there are quite a lot
of differences between the Python wrapper implementation and
the C library.

I therefore took it on myself to do a translation of the Linux
Documentation Project's "Curses HowTo" by Pradeep Padala into Python.
It is mostly a translation of the code with minimal changes to the
explanatory text (deleting the stuff about how to compile etc plus
some libraries that are not available in Python). I have added a few
short sections that the C version does not cover but I thought were useful.

This is now available as a PDF and I'd be interested in review comments.
Ideally I'm looking for new curses users to review it as a tutorial and
for experienced curses users to check that what I've done is sane!

It is about 75 pages long and covers the core curses module, the panel
module and the textpad widget as well as a brief intro to the dialog module.

If anyone feels keen please reply and I'll forward a copy.
Eventually I'm aiming to put the finished document on my website.

It's amazing what a pandemic can produce...

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web site
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