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Python database compatibility

On 13/06/20 8:49 AM, Siddharth Joshi wrote:
> I am new in Python world and would like to use it for one of the our
> purpose . Before that, I would like to ask if Python has compatibility with
> ENSCRIBE database .
> Enscribe database (file structured) is the native database of HP NonStop
> (Tandem) server, mainly used in applications running on nonStop Tandem .
> Almost all the applications which runs on Tandem using enscribe are Tier 0
> applications (often critical once).

Wow, a 'blast from the past'!

I worked on HP3000s (from which Tandem originally developed) forty years 
ago. My first foray into 'non-stop' computing, supporting banking 
systems and the like, involved jumping-ship to Stratus (or more 
precisely, the re-badged IBM System/88). Others were also involved in 
that project, so happily/sadly I ended-up consulting for a project that 
no-one else wanted: figuring out how to network those new-fangled IBM 
PC/XTs and integrate office systems with aforementioned DBs and similar. 
After all that, please excuse me whilst I take a grandpa-snooze...

The question is broad. What do you want to do once an interface can be 
found, eg do you merely want a one-off use to transcribe the old data to 
a new system, do you want to build a front-end interface and 
data-collection application, or is perhaps a back-end MIS analysis your 
goal? The quality of the interface, its speed, its data-handling 
capabilities, etc, etc, will all influence...

I haven't heard about Enscribe in recent years. My recollection is that 
their direct interfaces were Java-based. Python offers a JDBC 
"connector" which may be worth investigating. There are also other 
new/improved/faster/super libraries, eg JayDeBeAPI - see PyPi. See also 
Attunity (if still available, eg

HP pursued various 'modernisation' proposals, which may be worth review, 
eg using SOAP/micro-services and XML/interchange.

The comp.sys.tandem forum discussed ideas (five years ago):!topic/comp.sys.tandem/dG2t9faPzWg

The lingua-franca of DB inter-connection is probably ODBC, and thus the 
Python ODBC connector.

Trusting these give some food-for-thought...
Regards =dn