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How to create an Excel app that runs Python?

I have the following scenario:

I have created lots of python files that I use to calculate a Cashflow model, when I run these files I get a beautiful pandas DataFrame that contains my final model. My mission is to show this table to the rest of the company in a friendly format ("Excel") and they need to be able to generate this table themselves from Excel, using the Python script I created ("the idea is that they open an excel file that has some type of dashboard and a form that they need to fill in, once they fill it in and press "Go" or "Run" or something like that, these parameters will be sent to the Python script to generate this final pandas DataFrame. Finally this DataFrame needs to be displayed/pasted in the Excel sheet that they initially opened)

The problems:

The company needs to be able to run this model, but the users, apart from me, use Excel and they can't open up a Jupyter notebook or VSC to run the code. They can't even install Python on their machines (or at least that is not ideal)

My Attempts:

I am currently using "xlwings" to run Python within Excel, although it requires that the user has Python and xlwings installed and has added the xlwings "Addin", which is not an ideal solution at all.

I am thinking about using Dash, I don't know if it is what I need since I haven't looked into it that much yet (I have been trying to make it work on xlwings first)

If you have any suggestions on how to do this, I would really appreciate that.

Thank you