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PEP Idea: Multi-get for lists/tuples and dictionaries (inspired in NumPy)

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 2:46 AM Peter J. Holzer <hjp-python at> wrote:
> > A good language has a small core and extensibility via
> > libraries.
> This would actually be a feature of the (standard) library.

I think the line kinda blurs here. This would be a feature of a core
data type, and in CPython, it would be implemented using a slot
function in dictobject.c. But it doesn't need any syntactic changes.
Are the core data types part of the language or the standard library?

In any case, it doesn't much matter. The backward compatibility
considerations would be the same either way, and this would mostly be
used with literals and immediate unpacking.