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pyodbc slowness

I have some Python code that uses pyodbc to talk to a SQL Server database.
In that code I do an  INSERT INTO xxxx SELECT * FROM yyyy

That query takes around 3 times longer to run when invoked from Python with
pyodbc than when run with direct SQL.

On one system we have 1,667 rows and the timings are direct sql 1.7s pyodbc
4.6s. On another system we have 15,000 rows and it's 15s vs 48s

In both cases, I am running from the same machine over the same network
talking to the same SQL Server.

The only difference I can find is the driver. When I run the direct SQL the
client I have uses the driver net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver jtds12.jar
where as pyodbc uses {ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server}.

Could this be the cause of the difference? Is there a different driver I
can use with pyodbc that would be faster?