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Suggestions on mechanism or existing code - maintain persistence of file download history


>> While I agree with you there, I've been searching for other ways to 
>> detect a
>> keypress (in a console-based script) and have found none.   ....
> Color me disappointed!

I was disapponted too, but realized that being able to just capture any 
keypress (how does the 'puter know the script has focus, as there is nothing 
to give it to) is an easy way to userland keylogging ...

> but wouldn't that only work if there was an input() loop?

Just being able to check for such a keypress at the end of a "do the next 
download" (in the OPs case) loop would be enough for me.

> Understood. However, your understanding of RDBMS interrupt 'security' 
> appears either aged, or biased to a particular implementation (which (in 
> my imagination) wouldn't match the high-standards I expect you hold).

:-) You might well be correct there.   Mea culpa.  As for the high standards 
?    While I am quite sure that currently any self-respecting DB system will 
be crammed full with methods to forgo corruption, it always sticks in my 
mind that its possible.    In other words, its possible I'm simply a bit too 

Than again, switching an unresponsive 'puter off by pressing the powerbutton 
for a couple of seconds is a wide/well-known practice ... :-(

> Good stuff! Yet at the same time, that very lack of clarity is good reason 
> to allow that 'another' solution might be 'right' - even if it is not 
> 'better'.
> (for any definitions of "right" or "better", or ...)

"The very lack of clarity" ?

But yes, keeping the possibility open that some other method (than the ones 
presented) could be even more apropriate is part of why I leave the choice 
with the asker.   Its all too easy to (unwittingly) automatically think in a 
certain direction, and than overlook other solutions ("for someone with a 
hammer" and all that).

> As sent to the OP. I appreciate these discussions, in the expectation of 
> learning something-new. (and with rust-removal paints at the ready!)

Indeed.   Even if its just a different POV which makes you rethink the 
reasons of your own one.

Rudy Wieser