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Suggestions on mechanism or existing code - maintain persistence of file download history


> Yes, and then you backpedalled furiously when I showed that
> proper transactions prevent this.

You're a fool, out for a fight.

/You/ might know exactly how to handle a database to make sure its 
/transactions/ will not leave the database in a corrupt state, but as I 
mentioned a few posts back:

 I think that a database is /definitily/ overcomplicating stuff, especially 
when looking at the OP who's supposed to write and maintain it.

Mind the part after the comma.

Also, you happily ignored the part in my second post where I mentioned that 
corruption can be of a different kind - one that you have absolutily /no/ 
control over:

An unreadable file is often described as being corrupt

> I lost track of what you were actually trying to say.

Well, all that I wanted to say - to the OP - is in my first reply.  You 
could always try to re-read it.   The other posts where just responses to 
your "that can't be!" challenges to me.

> So either justify this position, showing that a database can
> become corrupted the same way a flat file can,

:-)   In the /same/ way ?    Thats rather multi-interpretable, don't you 
think ?   Are you trying to set me up ?

My point was that the /effect/ of a same corruption is different for both: 
A flat file is /much/ easier to rescue.

But, do you remember what the OP said ?
want to download these as a 'background task'. ... you can CTRL-C out,

Why now do I think that, when such a backgroud process is forgotten and the 
'puter switched off, the file, database or otherwise, could easily get 
damaged ?  And that a ctrl-c at the wrong moment could cause the same if the 
cleanup (of the database, which could easily still be, in its own thread, 
busy housekeeping) isn't done correctly.

Also, have you /never/ encountered a corrupted file, database or otherwise ? 
You must not have done much with 'puters at all ...

Though I think I'm going to end our conversation here, as you're way more 
agressive than the subject calls for.

Goodbye chris.   Have a good life.

Rudy Wieser