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Suggestions on mechanism or existing code - maintain persistence of file download history

On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 11:11 PM R.Wieser <address at not.available> wrote:
> Chris,
> > That's what transactions are for.
> Again,
> >> I guess that that went right over your head. :-)    /You/ might know
> >> exactly
> >> what should and shouldn't be done, what makes you think the OP currently
> >> does ?
> > I don't understand why you're denigrating databases,
> Am I denigrating a nut-and-bolt when glue would be an easier solution ?
> The problem with most people (programmers included) that they often
> over-think (and thus over-complicate) stuff.    I think that a database is
> /definitily/ overcomplicating stuff, especially when looking at the OP who's
> supposed to write and maintain it.  Y personal MMV.

Okay, sure... but you didn't say that. You said that a database could
become corrupted.

If you read back in this thread, you'll see that the first
recommendations were NOT about databases, and then databases were
offered as an alternative. You then said that they could become
corrupted just as files can. This is outright false, and is also not
helpful to the discussion. So I responded. But I wasn't advocating for
the use of a database; my first and strongest recommendation was, and
still is, a stateless system wherein the files themselves are the
entire indication of which documents have been downloaded.

So what IS your line of argument?