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Suggestions on mechanism or existing code - maintain persistence of file download history


> Uhh....
> Proper databases don't HAVE non-atomic operations. That's kinda their job.

Uhh...  yes, /singular/ operations are considered to be atomic.  A series of 
operations /ment/ to be executed as a single one on the other hand aren't.

> Unless you mean that there's a non-atomic operation that consists of

>> Also think of the old adagio: "I had a problem,

I guess that that went right over your head. :-)    /You/ might know exactly 
what should and shouldn't be done, what makes you think the OP currently 
does ?

> But that's still not corrupting the database.

Depending on your definition of corruption.  An unreadable file is often 
described as being corrupt, though the same can be said of a database in an 
inconsistent state.

Rudy Wieser

>> Also think of the old adagio:
> BTW, the word you want here is "adage", unless you mean that
> it's a piece of music being played slowly :)