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I need help for multidimensional loop

Growth Hacking Formation <admin at> on Sun, 26
Jan 2020 12:36:05 -0800 (PST) typed in comp.lang.python  the
>Hi guys,
>I need your help please to sold a complicate problem.
>It is difficult for me to find the solution but in fact, I am sure it is just a few lines of code.
>The problem is about some kind of multidimensional loop with some test IF.
>I worked hours on it, but I am a newbie and it is too difficult.
>I was wondering if a super expert in python could give me a hand.
>In order to give a maximum of info (explanations + code + screenshot), I prepared a google doc for better understanding. Here in a Facebook post would be too hard to read.
>Thanks for help.
>Have a great evening.
	I realize that if you could explain it well enough for someone
else to realize what your problem is, you should be able to see the
solution yourself.

	It would be better if you could provide a short "elevator itch" on
what you're trying to do.

	Cause "multidimensional arrays" can get hairy really fast.  I
mean, try building a sieve of erostothenses using arrays in integers
[0..maxint] in size.

pyotr filipivich
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