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pyttsx3 installation error

On 26Jan2020 00:21, Mehr Abrar Lak <mehrabrarlak at> wrote:
>When I try to import pyytsx3 on python 3.7.3 having latest pip version then
>I get error like exit code 1. I couldn't make it to install it I try using
>pip install pyttsx3 but it doesn't work for me then I tried it's .whl wheel
>file to install but instead fixing the issue am still facing the same one.
>It tries to load and download some files but at some point it shows error
>the exit status code 1 it is just because of the environment error2

Please post the full output of running:

    pip install pyttsx3

so that we can see the error messages. Likewise, if the "import pyytsx3" 
statement causes python to emit an error, please post the _full_ 
transcript of the failure. "error like exit code 1" is not sufficiently 

Note that this is a text only list, so do not attach screenshots; insert 
the error text straight into the message body.

If pip is working but an import fails, make sure the "pip" command 
you're running installs for the python you're using. It is common for 
systems to have both a python2 and python3 installed presently, so there 
is some scope for pip installing into the wrong python.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>