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tkinter treeview widget - bind doubleclick to items only ?


> Huh, I never noticed that!

Yep.  And as that unfolding and folding is fully done inside the treeview 
widget itself there is no way you can fix it with a bit of python code. :-(

> I think it's an issue with Tk itself.

Most likely.    Rather odd that that issue it still exists though.  I can't 
imagine I'm the first one who noticed this "bleeding thru" (the heading) 

But ...   Any way how I can tell the doubleclick code to ignore clicks 
outside of the treeview-item window* (as in: excluding the header) ?    That 
would at least be something.

*like any way to retrieve the relative cooridinates of the rows subwindow ? 
Or the relative coordinates of the heading bar ?     I've not found anything 
in that regard.

Rudy Wieser