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TensorFlow with 3.8.1

You have another thread on this list that refers to general Python
installation issues, so you'll need to work through that.

I'm writing in this thread to say that tensorflow does not (today) support
Python 3.8, you'll want to try 3.7, assuming that tensorflow is a critical
piece for you:

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 3:30 AM Fahad Qayyum <fahadqayyum09 at>

> Hello,
> Hope this email finds you well. I am having an issue with the installation
> of TensorFlow on python 3.8.1. I want to work on TensorFlow, please let me
> know how can I install it. Give me the compete guide if possible.
> Regards
> Fahad Qayyum
> --