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Python login screen for MariaDB db

On 21/01/20 8:37 AM, ^Bart wrote:
> I found this article:
> I used PDO on PHP 7.3 with last MariaDB engine but I'd like to start to 
> use Python for a local warehouse software, I found the above guide but I 
> need to understand what I should replace from that guide to link the 
> script to my MariaDB DB!
> I know I need to use this:
> #!/usr/bin/python
> import MySQLdb
> # Open database connection
> db = MySQLdb.connect("localhost","root","MyPWD","MyDB")
> But after the above code how could I check the login to my user's table?

Please refer previous response, re 'tutorials' - if the above 
credentials fail, then an exception will be raised.
If MariaDB do not provide suitable documentation, then use MySQL's 
(Maria was forked from MySQL).
Are you asking for code, or techniques?
Regards =dn