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Trouble trying to get started with pygame

On 2019-11-01 03:47, originallmoney at wrote:
> It's been years since I've done anything with Python, and it wasn't a language I was terribly familiar with even then. I'm using Python 3.8 on my Windows 7 laptop. Python itself works so far as I can tell. I can get it to import pip without problems, but, when I try to get going with pygame, I hit a roadblock.
> I have pygame 1.9.6.tar.gz. Apparently, I don't have the means of unzipping it, yet, I think I've seen things on other forums suggesting that Python can do that for me. Is that true?
Actually, you do have the means: Python!

But there's a simpler way.

> I've been trying to use "pip install" (Written just like that, minus the quotes, of course), yet, it tells me that's a syntax error.
> Is there a way of inputting this that I'm not aware of? I've seen various versions of people calling the command, with things like "pip.install" or "-m pip install -U pygame -user" or something like that, are THOSE what I should be trying I completely off-base right now?
Those commands are for the Windows command prompt.

> Any help would be appreciated, as I'm losing patience with it at the moment.

Go to Christoph Gohlke's site at:

Download one of these "wheel" files:

     pygame?1.9.6?cp38?cp38?win_amd64.whl for 64-bit


     pygame?1.9.6?cp38?cp38?win32.whl for 32-bit

At the Windows command prompt type:

     py -3.8 -m pip install "path/to/wheel"