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Installing Python 3.8 on PC with Python 3.7. How to do with version conflicts?

On 10/28/2019 2:47 PM, MRAB wrote:

>> On 28/10/19 7:37 AM, Dott. Ugo Donini wrote:
>>> I cannot use Python 3.8 on my PC with installed Python 3.7.
>>> Is it possible to update the existing Python 3.7 without reinstalling 

> If you're using Windows, you'd just install the different Python 
> versions into different folders: Python37 for Python 3.7 and Python38 
> for Python 3.8. The installer doesn't that by default.

The installer puts them into separate directories by default.  The 
default path depends on whether one installs for all users or just one. 
Or one can select the path preceeding 'pythonxy'.  In any case, one can 
use the 'py' launcher to chose which PSF installed python to run.

Terry Jan Reedy