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Installing Python 3.8 on PC with Python 3.7. How to do with version conflicts?

On 10/28/2019 2:27 PM, DL Neil via Python-list wrote:
> Dottore,
> On 28/10/19 7:37 AM, Dott. Ugo Donini wrote:
>> I cannot use Python 3.8 on my PC with installed Python 3.7.
>> Is it possible to update the existing Python 3.7 without reinstalling 
>> Python 3.8.
>> Conflicts problems.
>> Thankyou
>> Ugo Donini
>> Inviato da Posta per Windows 10
> If the question is about updating Python 3.7 'in place' (and not 
> upsetting any applications or systems programs which use Python), then 
> "yes, this is possible": you may be able to update r3.7.0 to r3.7.4, for 
> example (only the last digit changes). I see few compelling reasons to 
> do-so, but YMMV (you have your own reasons).

The reason to update 3.7 or any x.y is to get the bugfixes, which 
eventually number in the hundreds.

> If the question is a desire to run both Python 3.7 AND Python 3.8 on the 
> same machine, then the PSL's (Python Standard Library) answer is "venv".

On Windows, the answer is to install 3.7 and 3.8 into separate 
directories and use the py launcher, installed by the Windows python 
installer, to select  which to run.

Terry Jan Reedy