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Installing Python 3.8 on PC with Python 3.7. How to do with version conflicts?


On 28/10/19 7:37 AM, Dott. Ugo Donini wrote:
> I cannot use Python 3.8 on my PC with installed Python 3.7.
> Is it possible to update the existing Python 3.7 without reinstalling Python 3.8.
> Conflicts problems.
> Thankyou
> Ugo Donini
> Inviato da Posta per Windows 10

If the question is about updating Python 3.7 'in place' (and not 
upsetting any applications or systems programs which use Python), then 
"yes, this is possible": you may be able to update r3.7.0 to r3.7.4, for 
example (only the last digit changes). I see few compelling reasons to 
do-so, but YMMV (you have your own reasons).

If the question is a desire to run both Python 3.7 AND Python 3.8 on the 
same machine, then the PSL's (Python Standard Library) answer is "venv". 
Which you will find described in the docs (documentation) at "12. 
Virtual Environments and Packages".

For my own reasons, instead of Python virtual environments, I prefer to 
separate different clients/projects by keeping them in their own 
VirtualBox VM. Some dislike this particular solution as it lacks "open 
source" principles. There are other "container" technologies worth 
review. However, I suggest that this type of solution is the preserve of 
the more advanced programmer/computer user.

Ciao =dn