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Fwd: Sudden changes in idle python and my laptop

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-------- Original message --------From: NASHRAH RAZA <nashrahmehar11 at> Date: 26/10/2019  7:32 p.m.  (GMT+05:30) To: python-list at Subject: Sudden changes in idle python and my laptop 
Suddenly,my idle python started to behave abnormally and when i closed and tried to start it again,then it gave the above message.After this when i clicked the yes option in this above box then the setup box appeared and the three options appeared which are-modify,repair,and uninstall.I clicked the modify option and it was successful,but again when i tried to open the application,then the same thing happened.Then i clicked the repair option and it was also successful but again the same thing happened.I dont know what to do,shall i uninstall it and again install it,but there is no guarantee if the same thing will be repeated or not.Please help me out and also tell me about the changes it asks for being made.I remember that before i installed the idle python,it has asked for the changes and as i clicked yes,it got installed,but i dont know why suddenly such thing had happened.I am suspicious about the fact that maybe this program has brought virus with it or not.Also my laptop is also behaving in an abnormal manner,i.e. whatever i am typing in the search option in start button,it is not being typed.I dont know what had happened.Please help me,so that i am able to learn this programming language without any problems.It is 3.7.4 version and my laptop is dell inspiron 15 3000 series.Please help me.