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web scraper

Thank you so much for your very valuable guidance on my python experiment.
Meanwhile the problems I reported before have been solved.

This is part of a program that extracts specific information from bank
transaction records, and one functionality I still need to implement is a *web

The eureka / guide <>
"web scraping with python" provides some insights, that are however linked
to a specific website:
by associating the "inspected" web page with the code shown in the Eureka
page, one can build the algorithm, but
can it be generalized?
Not all tags are in the form of <a class --->  <div class, so is it doable
to just replace those tags in the code, should
one process a different website?

In addition, the flipkart  website
contains all the needed data, while my case requires a lookup of one item
at a time, namely:
(i) loop over a bunch of ISIN codes
(ii) access a specific website (=morningstar?), that does the
ISIN-to-fund-name translation
(iii) "inspect" that page containing the result and grab the fund name.

I would appreciate any advice on how to program all this. Thanks.
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