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syntax for ellipsis like as "net.blobs['data'].data[...] = transformed_image"

Hi buddies

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I have read some code in caffe, but I confused at "net.blobs['data'].data[...] = transformed_image".
The code can be find in this link:
import caffe
model_def = os.path.join(caffe_root, "models/bvlc_alexnet/deploy.prototxt")
model_weights = os.path.join(caffe_root, "models/bvlc_alexnet/bvlc_alexnet.caffemodel")
net = caffe.Net(model_def,
net.blobs['data'].data[...] = transformed_image

1. For ellipsis, is there syntax in python like this " net.blobs['data'].data[...]"? I have checked it which the type is "<class 'numpy.ndarray'>"
2. Could you provide some samples in which need to use ellipsis. 

But in python, ellipsis define as below, I did not find the relationship to "net.blobs['data'].data[...]":
Help on ellipsis object:

class ellipsis(object)
 |  Methods defined here:
 |  __getattribute__(self, name, /)
 |      Return getattr(self, name).
 |  __new__(*args, **kwargs) from builtins.type
 |      Create and return a new object.  See help(type) for accurate signature.
 |  __reduce__(...)
 |      helper for pickle
 |  __repr__(self, /)
 |      Return repr(self).

Thanks for your help!

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