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TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'

On 23/10/19 8:51 PM, joseph pareti wrote:
> I am experimnenting with this (reproducer) code:
> pattern_eur    = ['Total amount']
> mylines = []                                # Declare an empty list.
> with open ('tmp0.txt', 'rt') as myfile:     # Open tmp.txt for reading text.
>      for myline in myfile:                   # For each line in the file,
>          mylines.append(myline.rstrip('\n')) # strip newline and add to list.
> for element in mylines:                     # For each element in the list,
>     match_C =, element)
>     if match_C:
>       element = element + 2
>       print(element)
> --------------
> the input file being:
> $ cat tmp0.txt
> line 0
> line 1
> Total amount
> 50000.00
> linex
> My intent is to locate the line containing "Total amount", skip the next
> line, then print the eur value. The program terminates as follows:

> Thanks for any insigths --

The first observation is that the two for loops are essentially 
identical, so why not condense?

However, what is described may be calling for a solution called "a 
finite state machine":

state 1: ignore unwanted data, until "Total amount" is found

state 2: skip blank line

state 3: grab the Euro value, and return to state 1

Being a simple-boy, I would avoid any reg-ex, because:

	myline[ :11 ] == "Total amount"

is easier (and faster). Similarly, there is no need for rstrip-ping 
except at "state 3" (unless there are particular rules for the 
formatting of the total).

Another thought is that the problem is being visualised as a series of 
lines and this may complicate things. If instead, a "buffer" or indeed 
the entire file, could be read at a time (which is current code, per 
first comment above), the string.find() method could be employed 
(replacing "state 1"), and then (implicit assumption about spacing here) 
"state 2" becomes a matter of moving a few characters 'along', before 
grabbing the total; rinse and repeat...

Regards =dn