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Jupyter Notebook -> PDF with A4 pages?

Den 2019-10-15 skrev Piet van Oostrum <piet-l at>:
> What does this report? Compare if there is a difference between home and work.
> from jupyter_core.paths import jupyter_path
> print(jupyter_path('notebook','templates'))
In both cases I get (with different usernames):


> And maybe also
> print(jupyter_path('nbconvert','templates'))

Same as above but with "nbconvert" substituting "notebook".

Pretty much all jupyter components are of older versions at
work. pip is version 8.1.1 which is what Ubuntu 16.04 comes
with. I have learnt -- the hard way -- that pip should be
used with the --user option. Does this mean I am stuck with
pip version 8.1.1? I mean, pip install --user pip seams like

For a moment I thought that maybe pdflatex was missing at work
but not so.

Disclaimer: I only had a few minutes to spend on this today.